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Re: The updates firehose

Till Maas wrote:
On So Juni 10 2007, Christopher Aillon wrote:

I think the ugpradeability is a factor, but I think you've got it wrong.
  If every time someone built a change into rawhide, they also pushed a
fix to F-7 for example because there's a new version of <insert popular
app here>, then what's the point in upgrading to F-8 when that's ready?

Holding back updates only to make a new release interesting is not a good reason imho. But there are sometimes technical reasons, why updates are done from one release to another. The other way round, when bugs are not fixed with a new update in a current release but left open until the release is end of life is much more annoying imho and causes me more problems than often updates.

But there are always bugs. Are we going to fix every one? We need to fix the important ones. I don't think that pulling in every latest version is important enough against a release.

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