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Re: The updates firehose

On Sun, 2007-06-10 at 12:08 -0400, Christopher Aillon wrote:
> Till Maas wrote:
> > On So Juni 10 2007, Christopher Aillon wrote:
> > 
> >> I think the ugpradeability is a factor, but I think you've got it wrong.
> >>   If every time someone built a change into rawhide, they also pushed a
> >> fix to F-7 for example because there's a new version of <insert popular
> >> app here>, then what's the point in upgrading to F-8 when that's ready?
> > 
> > Holding back updates only to make a new release interesting is not a good 
> > reason imho. But there are sometimes technical reasons, why updates are done 
> > from one release to another. The other way round, when bugs are not fixed 
> > with a new update in a current release but left open until the release is end 
> > of life is much more annoying imho and causes me more problems than often 
> > updates.
> But there are always bugs.  Are we going to fix every one?  We need to 
> fix the important ones.  I don't think that pulling in every latest 
> version is important enough against a release.


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