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Re: The updates firehose

On Saturday 09 June 2007 21:05:00 Jesse Keating wrote:
> Anybody else think we're issuing entirely /way/ too many updates?  We've
> had 138 "stable" updates, and 177 current "testing" updates.  If all those
> were to go stable, we're talking over 300 updates, in just over a week.

Jesse you know that due to the freeze policy there are lots of 0-day updates, 
I assume that your numbers don't take into account that. So in a sense that 
number should represent (more or less) three weeks worth of updates.

Ironically this message remembered me one article by Jon Corbet about RHL y.x 
(I don't remember which x and 5<=y<=7) when there were over 100 Mb of updates 
since the initial release (one CD at the time), that meant that the updates 
represented almost 20% of the original release.

Some years after that post I am still reading (and subscribing) Linux Weekly 
News and using a distribution with a high number of updates (and in some 
cases being the responsible for them). I like both. :-)
José Abílio

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