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Re: Unwanted RPM dependencies

Am Sonntag, den 10.06.2007, 09:18 -0400 schrieb Matthias Clasen:

> We are not going to remove your ability to configure grub in whatever
> way you want, in exactly the same way as you always could.  

Did i say something else?

> > And therefore it would be
> > great to have a small fedora-logo-grub.fc8.rpm which does not depend on
> > 1000 rpms afterwards.
> Jeremy already stated why we can't do that.

Come on. Somebody who set up koji, mock and other stuff for building his
own derivate of Fedora should be afraid about 3 lines in the
fedora-logos.spec file which declares a sub package should be made for
the grub grafic? 

This doesn't sound like why we "can't" do that. As i said allready all
what i am asking for is: 

generate a grub-logo-rpm which does not need half of the base rpms.

Is that really so hard to do?


Read this mail again and decide for yourself why this is a good plan. 

Please. I ever thought this is the place for improvements of Fedora.
There is one. Take the chance to do it. Maybe we come to a minimal
install without 250Mb not needed stuff on the harddisk.

Greetings Stefan.

(I will stop this now and file a RFE in Bugzilla)


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