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A couple of glitches installing F7 from Live CD - to BZ, or not to BZ?

Hi List!

Had a few obstacles to successful install - wanting to confirm these
as bugs (vs my own stupidity) before filing.  I installed from the
Live CD.

1. - The installer was came up in a res that my flat panel would not
display.  After giving a CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE or two, should an option
be given to switch display modes?  (no CTRL-ALT-+ selections worked).
Or is this a matter of passing the right vga= option at boot time?
(seems it could be friendlier - could the live CD/installer show a
table of options?).

2. - I bypassed #1 by editing xorg.conf and using the vesa driver for
install.  Afterward I mounted the new installation and make the same
change. Without this step, firstboot fails to run (well it does, but
you can't *see* it :) ).   Should anaconda check to see if xorg.conf
was modified?  Or back to vga= at boot time?

3. I entered a static IP during install but on reboot NetworkManager
picked up a DHCP address from the router.  I'm pretty sure this one's
a bug.  If NetworkManager doesn't respect the static IP, the option
should not be shown in anaconda.

Apologies if these are just noise - I ran several queries in BZ with
no (apparent) matches.  And to tell the truth, I'm not sure #1 and #2
are really bugs.

I kept step-by-step notes from the install - mainly for my own sanity:
http://cr33k.com/random/f7-XPS400-install-notes.html (sorry about the

Aside from the few bumps in the road, it was a pleasant trip - thanks
for all the hard work!


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