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Re: Rebuilding RPMs results in bad update behavior

J French wrote:
> Matthew Miller wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 11, 2007 at 11:33:29PM -0400, J French wrote:
>>> Now, when I go to rpm -Uvh the resulting rpm, I get "the installed
>>> version is NEWER than this one". How in the world is this even
>>> possible? So now, any packages I rebuild get marked as older than the
>>> binaries? 
>> echo '%dist .fc8.jfrench' >> ~/.rpmmacros
> Right, why should I have to do that?
>>> Oh yes, one last thing: On my dual Opteron 246 running in 32-bit mode
>>> (I use 32-bit for my desktop for compatability reasons), rebuilding 
>> Compatibility with what, exactly? You can run, for example, 32-bit
>> firefox
>> on an otherwise 64-bit system for the best of both worlds....
> I have the 64-bit version of 7 which I'm going to install tonight, but
> if the bugs I expressed I was being bitten by in Test 4 are still there,
> it won't be there in the morning. These bugs included Firefox crashing X
> when closing a tab with absolutely no indication as to why, X crashing
> when switching VT's and a few others - I filed bugs on all of them. If
> they haven't been fixed, I'll reassert that 7 should never have been
> released like that. I seriously couldn't get any real work done.
>>> Metacity and Nautilus make the desktop *very* much more responsive
>>> than the binary packages. No surprise there, the only real surprise
>>> was when 
>> I'm actually a little surprised. Can you qualtify your results?
> Qualtify it? 

I'd like to see repeatable, measurable tests not subjective 'I think
it's faster' observations. I am no criticizing here, it's just that
humans are actually bad at this sort of thing. Measurements are better.

Also exactly what 'optimizations' are you doing? Simply rebuilding is a
waste of time.

Open Source development is about collaboration. So if you have found the
magic sekret sauce to make your desktop apps faster, it would be nice to
share it.


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