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Re: The updates firehose

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Don Russell (fedora drussell dnsalias com) said:
What I *would* like (just started thinking about it) is a procmail recipe to divide the announcement e-mails into "installed" and "not installed" packages.

Well, there's no guarantee that you're reading the mail on the
box in question, etc. Perhaps something utilizing yum-updatesd
might be better?

Actually I can guarantee that because sendmail/procmail runs on my Fedora box... I access my e-mail via IMAP. But, I see your point in general applications... if I have F7 on my laptop for example, that mail-sorting method won't be accurate. But, for what I want... it's perfect. :-)

For example... I received an e-mail with this subject:
Fedora 7 Update: xorg-x11-server-

Thats great... very consistent subject patterns, but from a programming point of view, how do I know where the program name ends (so I can use it with an rpm -q command to see if it is installed), and where the version number starts (so I can compare it with the results of rpm -q)? It would help is there was a blank between program name and version number... or even more explicit:
Fedora 7 Update: xorg-x11-server Version:

echo "xorg-x11-server-" | awk -F '-' '{ print gensub("-"," ",NF-2) }'

There are certainly simpler ways.

Thanks.... I found a way to easily extract the info from the message boy using native procmail syntax.

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