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Re: A couple of glitches installing F7 from Live CD - to BZ, or not to BZ?

Probably not the right list, but...

On Mon, 2007-06-11 at 21:02 -0500, Chris Mohler wrote:
> 1. - The installer was came up in a res that my flat panel would not
> display.  After giving a CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE or two, should an option
> be given to switch display modes?  (no CTRL-ALT-+ selections worked).
> Or is this a matter of passing the right vga= option at boot time?
> (seems it could be friendlier - could the live CD/installer show a
> table of options?).

This is a bug in your X driver -- file it against X so that it can be
fixed.  Forcing people to choose options here really means that we've

> 2. - I bypassed #1 by editing xorg.conf and using the vesa driver for
> install.  Afterward I mounted the new installation and make the same
> change. Without this step, firstboot fails to run (well it does, but
> you can't *see* it :) ).   Should anaconda check to see if xorg.conf
> was modified?  Or back to vga= at boot time?

Much better to just fix the root cause rather than piling hacks on top
of workarounds.

> 3. I entered a static IP during install but on reboot NetworkManager
> picked up a DHCP address from the router.  I'm pretty sure this one's
> a bug.  If NetworkManager doesn't respect the static IP, the option
> should not be shown in anaconda.

Yeah, this is known and due to the mismatch between what we do with the
live image and a real install.  Hopefully for F8, we'll be getting
NetworkManager for everywhere (and it'll also hopefully handle things
like static IPs).  But if not, then we'll probably just end up skipping
the network config for the live install case


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