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Re: Fedora Rel-Eng Meeting Recap 2007-JUN-11

Rahul Sundaram (sundaram fedoraproject org) said: 
> >> What? You're expecting every mirror to reconfigure special access rules
> >>>based on IP ranges or domain names just because you want to torrent ISOs
> >>>early? How is that at all practical or sensible?
> >>You misunderstood.  See above.
> >
> >No, I didn't. That comment still applies *exactly the same*. And if you
> >don't understand that, I'm not sure why I'm having this discussion.
> I don't understand your point.

You've run a public mirror for 10 years. It's simple. Now, we come along
and say "oh, if you actually want to conserve your bandwidth locally,
you're going to need to set up separate ACLs and filters that allow your
content to be visible from your IP range but not publically". You're
essentially telling our mirrors how to run their mirror for their site.

And for what gain? So some people can get a release a couple of days early?

Let's go back and do some quick cost-benefit analysis:

- some subset of users get the release a few days early

... which affects the project how? Do we really need 2 early days
of bug filing? (For which we won't have updates that we're pushing
at that point). How does that benefit the users to have it two days
earlier other than they can run bragging to the people down the halls

- mirrors, *one of our most valuable resources*, get less utilized
- mirrors are required to change their own configurations to properly
  handle their local bandwith
- ergo, mirrors are likely to feel more disenfranchised
- leading to less mirror coverage for updates. And whoops, there's no
  early-bt mechanism to handle that.
- instead of a single release date to coordinate release, announcements,
  PR, etc., we have two

It's *just not worth it*. And that's why the release engineering group
considered this proposal, and rejected it.

So, let's go back to your original problem. How do we make the torrent
faster, and help lessen the load on our infrastructure?

We can 1) allow mirrors who have the release to seed the torrent, giving
more bandwidth to it. 2) set up a tiered mirroring system, to ensure
that more mirrors can easily sync the content and be ready in time

And we're planning to do both of those.


> Setting up local access without giving 
> world access is pretty simple for any well configured LAN. Every major 
> organization already has such access rules setup for stuff they don't 
> want the world to know. We aren't forcing everyone to do that. If they 
> want to give their users a local mirror that's a choice for them. How is 
> that *not sensible*?
> Rahul
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