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Re: fedora for ARM

On Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 01:13:29PM +0100, Andy Green wrote:

> > I am not forgetting that, all I said was that I just don't think we
> > should pile every change to Fedora that could ever be useful on
> > embedded targets together into one patch repository and then present
> > that as a fait accomplis 'Fedora ARM patch set'.
> Well, clearly that wouldn't be a Fedora ARM patch set any more, so fair
> enough.  I agree your patches are a separate issue, it's another arch
> support added for native compile same as say s390 and that is fine.


> This all came up on the same thread but talking about building cross
> isn't saying anything about your patches at all or trying to tie them to
> the issue of cross compiling.
> Fedora targeting OLPC and now ARM though, the spread of system
> capability being aimed at is clearly increasing over time, not
> decreasing.  That does make more reasons to look not only at cross but
> at more than One True Configuration for some core packages that are in
> themselves quite configurable at compile time.

Ideally, I'd just like to be able to say "Build me a copy of F8 without
selinux and without java, but with X support." etc, but this is not
necessarily something that other Fedora developers would be interested
in, so not necessarily something I should be bothering other developers
with, IMHO, at least not at this point.

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