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Re: To Require yelp or not to require yelp

Warren Togami (wtogami redhat com) said: 
> This is FUD with a few outright lies sprinkled within.

He said people are going out of their way to make his life as firefox
maintainer and liason with upstream harder.

You say:

> - I created firefox-32 as an alternative way to explicitly launch the 
> 32bit firefox on x86_64 because you rejected multiple REASONABLE 
> requests to allow it to be launched somehow without modifying 
> /usr/bin/firefox manually.
> - I added it to Extras because I wanted a convenient shell script to 
> launch the 32bit browser without removing x86_64.
> - You objected to it.  I refused to remove it until nspluginwrapper was 
> viable.

Refusing to remove something the maintainer of firefox believes is
a bad idea that exists *solely as a crutch for proprietary software*
seems to be *exactly* what he was saying about ignoring his technical
input and making his life as maintainer and liason harder.


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