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Re: Fedora and Cross Compiling

Hans de Goede wrote:

> What I'm saying that using the same spec for sdcc and gcc makes no
> sense, iow that when crossing to something not fedora using Fedora's
> specs as a base makes no sense, because for example we might be dealing
> with a different compiler (version).

We agree on it, but I think accepting that it makes no sense then it is
out of scope and just confusing the issue with a need that can't be met.

> Please read my reply to David Woodhouse.

Yep I understood it.  I also build for 8051 derivatives and so on, but I
don't expect Fedora packaging to give me any help for what to build down
there: it doesn't seem reasonable.  ARM9 that can handle the kernel and
so on -- and gcc -- is a different matter.

>> What seems to be in the world of the possible is to retrofit the Fedora
>> - Fedora cross case into what exists already.  The benefits that fall
>> out of that in terms of regularizing upstreams for cross and making
>> definitive cross recipes (for gcc anyway!) will only help everyone else.
> Agreed, all that I'm saying is that the one spec file (with or without
> overlays) might be a good idea for Fedora-Fedora crosses, but is not for
> Fedora-Foo crosses.

Sure.  But nothing Fedora can do can help with Fedora-Foo crosses where
Foo is a wildcard and your plan is to replace their spec file anyway.

What it can do something about is the Fedora-Fedora cross case, and
specfile patching would be a neat solution.


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