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Re: Fedora and Cross Compiling

Andrew Haley wrote:
Hans de Goede writes:
 > Andy Green wrote:
 > > Hans de Goede wrote:
> > > >> You don't get my objectino, I'm crossing from Fedora but not too Fedora,
 > >> therefore what is in Fedora's specfile is completely irrelevant. Extreme
 > >> example, the sdcc cross-compiler already in Fedora. This crosses from
 > >> Fedora to 8051 (and other) microcontrollers. It uses its own assembler
 > >> and is its own C-compiler, binutils and gcc are not used at all (except
 > >> for building the asm / compiler themselves, duh). Should the sdcc
 > >> specfile be a pathc on top of gcc's specfile, a patch effectively
 > >> replacing 100% of it, just because its a c-compiler too?
> > > > Should Fedora packages have to deal with it at all "just because its a
 > > c-compiler too?"  I think the scenario of striving to be able to build
 > > glibc for 8051 on sdcc needs to be triaged into a different discussion.
> > > > I'm not talking about building glibc for 8051 (that would be kinda hard as an > average 8051 comes with 256 bytes of ram, and no I didn't forget an K or M there).

No, that's the 8052, the de luxe version. The 8051 has 128 bytes of RAM...

I know, but actually most 8051 deratives are 8052's hence I wrote "average"



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