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Anaconda crash for Turkish installation

Hi all;

I'm not quite sure if this bug mentioned before in the list, but since I
could not find bug filed about it in anaconda bugs, I wanted to increase

Turkish installation (probably some other languages also affected) has a
problem with Fedora 7. Anaconda crashes with some unicode problem. Since
I'm python ignorant I did not dare to dig into problem, but I'm affraid
this important problem is due to minor translation issue. 

It's not possible to install fedora 7 unless you choose other language,
and if you prefer to use Turkish, change the language post-install.
That's not acceptable for regular user. I'm affraid most Turkish users
think that Fedora has a problem and they choose other distributions. 

That problem existed in Fedora Core 6 as well. I should have tested the
images for Fedora 7 but I thought that was fixed already. 

I hope there's a chance to fix this bug, and roll new ISOs as Fedora 7
is eary in its release time. 

Here's the bug report about the problem, anaconda traceback is also



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