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Re: f7 images for mass production

Till Maas wrote:
On Fr Juni 8 2007, Jesse Keating wrote:

I am extremely uncomfortable publishing anything that has only this level
of QA.

How about adding a copy of the updates repository in a new directory to the DVD? This will not affect anything else but allows to install the security updates without having internet access.
Hmm, great minds think alike ;)
We could also include an fedora-updates-local.repo that points to this folder (this should work for loop mounted dvd iso as well}. You wouldn't be able to run createrepo on the root of the dvd to make the repodata because it would find the updates folder.

This way you would have the original as released {or only slightly modified as others have suggested - to suppress install bugs} iso content, and all main {ex-core} updates until make media time are included so that people with slow or no internet connections can get the normal install then update {once} experience.

That would make it easier for others to make an updated {sort off} dvd media for distribution. You would get a version made like this, add any new updates {gftp |compare |retrieve} to the updates/packages folder, run createrepo on updates folder {or grab the repodata from the mirror}, and make disc.

Sure there would be redundant info {the original version of updated packages}, but it would have to save a heap of QA.


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