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Re: F8devel - user configuration storage locations



On 14/06/07, Andy Shevchenko <andy smile org ua> wrote:
Hi Arthur Pemberton!

On Wed, Jun 13, 2007 at 06:46:51PM -0500, Arthur Pemberton wrote next:

> > I think this should be tidied up by creating a single directory at the
> > users home folder to store all setting/configs that apps make.
> > - The folder should not be hidden.
>  I would hate this even more

> > - easily move/copy all user configs to backup or a different machine
>  cp -a ~/.*
Not simple. If you do that you'll try to copy over the parent tree due to
'..' (that is satisfy your code) represents parent and '.' represents
current folder.

With best regards,
Andy Shevchenko.      mailto: andy smile org ua

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