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Re: End of caching-nameserver package

Adam Tkac wrote:
Hi all,

caching-nameserver package will be removed and configfiles will be moved into main bind package. I did this decision because people often tell me something like "Where is default /etc/named.conf?" and I tell them "Please install caching-nameserver". So if you install bind package you have also default configuration which is usable for caching-nameserver.

By the way, I always wanted to ask... we use caching-nameserver
because the libc resolver can only do per-process caching versus
system-wide caching, right?

If so, wouldn't nscd be a lighter weight daemon for this purpose?

I found that enabling nscd often imoproves performance on
servers.  It certainly does when using LDAP, even if the LDAP
deamon runs locally and is accessed through the ldapi socket.

The downside of nscd was not detecting when it needs to flush
dirty cache entries, which leads to all sorts of glitches like
adding a user with useradd and not being able to chown a file
to her for 600 seconds.  A simple inotify on the cached files
would have sufficed.  Ah, and things got even worse when nscd
started making the cache persistent on disk.  Then, not even
restarting it would fix the problem!

If we could fix or mitigate these problems, I'd like to see
nscd enabled by default in Fedora.  I need to enable it on
all LDAP enabled clients to get acceptable performance (like
"ls /home" taking less than 3 seconds the second time).

  // Bernardo Innocenti
\X/  http://www.codewiz.org/

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