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Re: fedora-logos dependencies in F7

From: "Rahul Sundaram" <sundaram fedoraproject org>
> Hans K. Rosbach wrote:
> > I haven't checked what is in the fedora-logos package, but
> > it just seems weird to me that some logos would _require_
> > an engine..
> Wouldn't it be better to waste a second on looking at the files before 
> starting a discussion on this? fedora-logos despite the name is not just 
> simple logos but all trademarked images in a single package including 
> customized themes which depend on specific theming engines. They are all 
> in the same package because a clean separation is desirable form the 
> legal perspective (trademark images have certain associated restrictions 
> to protect the trademark and the brand) and to ease the process of 
> creating derivative distributions.

I have taken a look at the files list now and it's basically a bunch of
images..  And I still cant believe that images can depend on programs.
It's the other way around, a program should depend on the images.

The images can clearly exist and be used without pulling in gtk2-engines.
Sure gtk2-engines can use them, but none of them truly require the other
to be present. I'm sorry but I simply see no reason to depend on


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