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Re: {Co,}maintainer for bluez-* packages solicited

2007/6/15, David Woodhouse <dwmw2 infradead org>:
I've done a fairly poor job of maintaining the various Bluetooth
packages recently. Partly due to lack of time, and partly because
they're increasingly less just low-level code interfacing to the kernel,
and more involved with dbus and other system stuff. I'm becoming just a
package-monkey for them, rather than being able to maintain them
properly as they need.

I've already donated bluez-gnome to Bastien because it's _entirely_ over
my head, but the other packages could probably do with some love too.
Would anyone like to {co,}maintain them?

i do interested
 i generaly use them so i'll glad to co-maintain them with you :).
Also plan to do some " bluetooth developping things "


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