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Re: Fedora and Cross Compiling

Andy Green wrote:
I would be the first to reach for a dirty but unanswerably effective
hack to get me where I am going...  But in this case I think the only
true answer is to tag BuildRequires as being host or target in the spec
file, not to unmanageably duplicate the target-world dependencies in the
host.  Eg

HostBuildRequires: byacc  (<-- for it is he)
BuildRequires: libblah-devel

...where they are considered the same deal when hostArch == buildArch.

Or TargetBuildRequires. Either way it's invasive and should be avoided if it can be worked around. You really want the build system to do as much as it can so you don't impact package maintainers unless absolutely necessary.

We can see if this logic raises objections anywhere given the effective
forkage of rpm but I suspect it is a basic fact necessary for cross to
work in rpm semantics.


Brendan Conoboy / Red Hat, Inc. / blc redhat com

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