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Re: F8devel - user configuration storage locations

Le dimanche 17 juin 2007 à 15:50 -0500, Arthur Pemberton a écrit :
> On 6/17/07, David Timms <dtimms iinet net au> wrote:
> [ snip ]
> > > Looking back on my response, it seems a bit disrespectful. I respect
> > > your suggestions, but I do not agree with them.
> > I understand - I imagine your time was short, but you wanted to say a
> > lot, thanks for that.
> > Arthur, am I overstepping the mark by summarizing your view as "making
> > config files visible would be a bad thing", but the general idea is sane   ?
> No not exactly.
> The general idea is sane, but not worth the effort IMHO.

That's what the KDE and GNOME people said a few years ago. Considering
most of our desktop components have been fully or partly rewritten since
the cleanup could have been largely finished by now otherwise.

It would take a long time, but if the right people agreed with it we
have enough code churn for other reasons it would be done in a few years
without special efforts. You just don't have to think about it like a
6-month expensive task force.

Nicolas Mailhot

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