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Re: x86_64 kde live cd image > 800MB

On 6/17/07, Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at> wrote:
eah <darth_linux <at> ameritech.net> writes:
> Is there a reason why x86_64 images are bigger than x86 images?
> Why is the x86_64 KDE live CD > 800MB? Are there plans to fix this? Has
> anyone  successfully burned and used this KDE live CD? I've used and
> installed the x86 live CD, but the 64-bit version can't fit to CD.

Try setting "Mode 2" under "Advanced / Data Mode" in the "Burn CD Image"
dialog, with a bit of luck you'll get it to fit. (On an 800 MB CD-R90, it
should definitely fit in Mode 2. On a 700 MB standard CD-R, it may or may not
depending on the actual capacity. The MB counts are given for Mode 1.) Be
warned though that Mode 2 means less error correction, so it's not that great
an idea, especially if your media isn't of the highest quality.

Thanks Kevin, i will give that a go and see how things work out. I appreciate your response.


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