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Re: Official presto repositories for Rawhide

Dnia 18-06-2007, pon o godzinie 19:53 +0200, Adrian Reber napisał(a):
> As a mirror admin I can say that I disabled all the deltarpms on the
> opensuse tree on our mirror server because it contained thousands of
> small files.
Hundreds, maybe. What's wrong with that? Do you have that limited inode
space? Fedora (since FC3 IIRC) by default gives you indexed directories
on ext3, so big dirs are not a problem anymore, right?

> from a standpoint of our mirror server it is horrible to have all of
> sudden thousands of small files instead the big one we used to have.
Updates are not one big file, it's a collection of packages. Deltas
would bring 3 times as much files (full rpm, delta from GA, delta from
previous version), but can save your bandwidth by a factor of 10. Isn't
it worth few wasted inodes?


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