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Re: Improving availability and guaranteeing integrity in ISO downloads


On 20-jun-2007, at 3:48, Matt Domsch wrote:

If someone would care to add it in themselves using the publicly
available mirrorlists as the initial list of mirrors for test
purposes, I'll be happy to review patches when I return.
mirrormanager is in a git archive at
https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/mirrormanager.  It will then
be easy to make that code use the mm database rather than a static

Anthony was so nice to give me an xsd schema for the metalink format,
so I'm now validating the file my script generates and fixing any obvious errors. I also want to add PGP support and torrent chunk support is nice to have either.

I'll clone your git repo and see what I can come up with in the next 4 weeks. We can discuss it
when you're back from vacation.



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