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Re: FESCo elections

On Wed, 2007-06-20 at 12:16 +0200, Patrice Dumas wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 20, 2007 at 07:03:56PM +1200, Nigel Jones wrote:
> > My understanding, FESCo (Fedora Extras Steering Committee) is to steer
> > issues WRT to the Fedora Distribution [1] (formally the Fedora Extras
> > Distribution), it makes sense to only allow current packagers as *they*
> > are the ones that or contributing to the distribution.
> Maybe I am not following everything, but FESCo role is not that clear to
> me after the merge. Areas of steering may also include release process
> (for example the schedule), or not. Also previously FESCo had a role of 
> representing the community, though I don't know if it is really a FESCo 
> role, or if it is now a FAB role, for example.

First, there is no FAB.  FAB stands for "fedora-advisory-board" and is
simply a mailing list, not a formal committee.  If you meant the Fedora
Ambassadors Steering Committee, that's FAmSco.  Yay for ambiguous

FESCo still has a responsibility of representing the community.  That is
why it is comprised of people from the community, which are elected by
the community itself.


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