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Re: user created at install added in sudoers ?

On 6/21/07, Matthew Miller <mattdm mattdm org> wrote:

We could easily set up the sudoers file like this:

  a) for wheel-group members, auth-as-self.
  b) for non-wheel-group-members, sudo prompts for the *root* password.

I'm not sure this is possible to do with sudoers. Please post the
lines you would expect to see in the file. I think that kind of
behaviour would require patching sudo, and would be inconsistent with
the sudo documentation found anywhere on the internet.

Then, 'su -c "command"' could be replaced with "sudo command" in the
documentation and would be correct in both cases. And since sudo has several
advantages over 'su -c', this is a win-win.

I'm fairly sure users who add themselves to sudoers know to replace
"su -c" with "sudo" when they read documentation, so this doesn't
really seem like an issue.


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