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CodecBuddy - fluendo only?


I read about the CodecBuddy spesc on wiki and was a little shocked when
I have found that it would suggest as a solution to missing codecs only
the fluendo web site. I am well aware that in the US there is no other
way how to get these codes legally but in most of the EU (and maybe even
in most of the world) it is legal (AFAIK) to install the codecs provided
by livna/freshrpms/{insert your favourite third party repo} and I think
that installing well maintained rpm is a better way than untaring some
binary libraries to /usr/lib... 

Is there any reason why not to point the users from software-patent-free
countries to this solution? IMHO it could be made like an another option
like this: "If you are in a country where software patents does not
exist you can legally install the codecs from third party repo via yum.
Click here for more info." Or something like this to not cause legal
problems in the US and provide (IMHO) better option for users from the
EU. At least for the codecs that are in the gstreamer-plugins-{ugly;bad}


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