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Re: Build system for FC5/6 damage??

Mamoru Tasaka schrieb:
> Frank Büttner wrote, at 06/24/2007 12:43 AM +9:00:
>> When I try to build my new packages I get only this errors:
>> Local build witch mock and at the devel system(F-8) will work.
>> Result for FC-6
>> http://buildsys.fedoraproject.org/build-status/job.psp?uid=34459
>> and for FC-5
>> http://buildsys.fedoraproject.org/build-status/job.psp?uid=34461
>> same package but with other source file was build for some time without
>> any problems.
>> Any ideas what have changed at the build system?
> It seems you forgot to "cvs add" ctapi.h.
> Actually when I did "cvs co ctapi-cyberjack", ctapi.h is
> missing on FC-6 and FC-5 branches.
> Mamoru
Yes after re add the file it will work.
Very mysterious why the file was lost???

Ok thanks for the help.


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