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KDE suggestions for Fedora 8 and beyond

Hi I'd like to throw a couple of my thoughts about KDE in Fedora and how it 
could be improved.

1.  QT-Frontend for YUM
	There are lots of good GTK frontends for yum (pirut, yumex) but there aren't 
really any good QT frontends for yum.  There is kyum but it's certainly 
lacking in comparison to yumex.  I think a QT version of yumex could be real 
nice and it could cut down on GTK dependencies in KDE, maybe?  Another 
suggestions would be to port Adept from Kubuntu or Debian.  

2.  KDE Update Notifier
	Maybe a frontend for pup in QT or adept-updater?

3.  Selecting KDE meta-package on the dvd brings in KDE only apps (except 
maybe GIMP and Firefox).  
	I noticed when I selected KDE and deselected GNOME that it still wanted to 
install rhythmbox, soundjuicer, totem, pidgin, and other GNOME apps.  This is 
not only adding to bloat from a KDE users stand point but it's also a bit 
annoying.  I am sure GNOME users don't want a lot of KDE apps stinking of 
their desktops unless they select them.  

4.  Nice windeco and style
	The inclusion of KDE4 and oxygen might obsolete this thought.

5.  A KDE irc channel
	Something like #fedora-kde on irc.freenode.net would be a nice place for 
those interested in KDE to discuss KDE on fedora, packaging, KDE4, and other 
related issues.  This would not be for support and this would of course be 
specified in the topic.  This could provide a place for the KDE developers 
and those interested in packaging, art, and helping out to discuss relevant 
issues.  I know that opensuse, debian, and kubuntu all have channels similar 
to this.  


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