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Making ndesk-dbus build in mock

I've noticed that most mono apps depend on dbus-sharp which turns out to
be wrong. Take Banshee as the example, if the new managed DBus
implementation[1] is not present it will build against a bundled copy of
it making the dependency obsolete. This also makes all Dbus
communication with Banshee not work for some reason, so your multimedia
keys won't work.

Since a lot of application use this approach there would be an advantage
in having a package of ndesk-dbus for packagers to build against. I've
spend most of today trying to build such a set of packages but I'm faced
with a problem, not only is the code bundled in a somewhat nonsensical
way upstream but while it builds fine outside of mock, it refuses to
build in mock. Even if the missing component it complains about should
be provided, so I'm asking for a few pointers here in the interest of
making out Mono apps work nicer for users. Can anyone spot my mistake?


- David Nielsen

[1] http://www.ndesk.org/DBusSharp

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