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Re: KDE suggestions for Fedora 8 and beyond

On Sat June 23 2007 20:34:43 Christopher David Desjardins wrote:
> Hi I'd like to throw a couple of my thoughts about KDE in Fedora and how it
> could be improved.
> 1.  QT-Frontend for YUM
> 	There are lots of good GTK frontends for yum (pirut, yumex) but there
> aren't really any good QT frontends for yum.  There is kyum but it's
> certainly lacking in comparison to yumex.  I think a QT version of yumex
> could be real nice and it could cut down on GTK dependencies in KDE, maybe?
>  Another suggestions would be to port Adept from Kubuntu or Debian.
I actally like kyum (now it works!) as far as a point & click solution never 
tried yumex, but if you build the code they will come. :-)

> 2.  KDE Update Notifier
> 	Maybe a frontend for pup in QT or adept-updater?
> 3.  Selecting KDE meta-package on the dvd brings in KDE only apps (except
> maybe GIMP and Firefox).
> 	I noticed when I selected KDE and deselected GNOME that it still wanted to
> install rhythmbox, soundjuicer, totem, pidgin, and other GNOME apps.  This
> is not only adding to bloat from a KDE users stand point but it's also a
> bit annoying.  I am sure GNOME users don't want a lot of KDE apps stinking
> of their desktops unless they select them.

file bugs.
> 4.  Nice windeco and style
> 	The inclusion of KDE4 and oxygen might obsolete this thought.
> 5.  A KDE irc channel
> 	Something like #fedora-kde on irc.freenode.net would be a nice place for
> those interested in KDE to discuss KDE on fedora, packaging, KDE4, and
> other related issues.  This would not be for support and this would of
> course be specified in the topic.  This could provide a place for the KDE
> developers and those interested in packaging, art, and helping out to
> discuss relevant issues.  I know that opensuse, debian, and kubuntu all
> have channels similar to this.
+1 bring all this up at the next kde sig meeting. which time escapes me. 
> Cheers,
> Chris


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