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Re: KDE suggestions for Fedora 8 and beyond

On 6/24/07, ne... wrote:
> 1.  QT-Frontend for YUM
>         There are lots of good GTK frontends for yum (pirut, yumex) but there aren't
> really any good QT frontends for yum.  There is kyum but it's certainly
> lacking in comparison to yumex.  I think a QT version of yumex could be real
> nice and it could cut down on GTK dependencies in KDE, maybe?  Another
> suggestions would be to port Adept from Kubuntu or Debian.
You need to code that and submit it.

> 2.  KDE Update Notifier
>         Maybe a frontend for pup in QT or adept-updater?
See remark above.

There is already someone who was porting adept to fedora. But however
their site is dead right now:


My wish item for fedora kde would be :
* one click rpm installation with konqueror (just like in firefox) :)
that will help some newbies, since dependencies are met automatically.


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