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Re: FESCo elections

On Mo Juni 25 2007, Karsten Wade wrote:

> Thanks for including Docs.  That's the first time it was on anyone's
> list in this thread.  I don't recall seeing L10n on anyone's list, but I
> guarantee they are greatly affected by FESCo decisions.  In fact ... uh,
> I can make a case that every project is under the affect of FESCo
> decisions.

Did anyone exclude Docs or L10n on purpose? I did not even know, that they 
were excluded. In fact as a maintainer, I do not know anything about how Docs 
or L10n are organised, e.g. who decides on the final release notes or how 
permissions are granted in cvs. So for a better discussion it may be better 
if you name all the groups that in you opinion should be able to vote. This 
makes it easier for Newbies like me to understand, what exactly is the 
problem. To include everyone with cla_done sounds not so good to me, because 
then everone in the world who gpg-signed the cla may vote, without there 
beeing a clear connection to Fedora.

> consider this discussion from the other angle.  Is there any good reason
> *not* to open FESCo elections (members and voting) to all of Fedora?

Who are all of Fedora? Is this everyone who installed Fedora or is using a 
system where Fedora is installed?


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