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Re: FESCo elections

On Mon, Jun 25, 2007 at 09:54:16 -0400,
  Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com> wrote:
> On Monday 25 June 2007 02:27:30 Karsten Wade wrote:
> >  Is there any good reason
> > *not* to open FESCo elections (members and voting) to all of Fedora?
> (ignoring all the flamebait)
> Look, tying it to the account system provides us an easy way to measure who 
> has voted and only take one vote per account.  Which accounts get to vote is 

Which isn't necessarily the same as one vote per person. I think the chance
of significant ballot stuffing going on to influence who gets to do a lot
of work for free are low. But someone might try something as a prank.
It's been a few months since I did the CLA, and my memory is that the
process is automatic up until the point where I need to get into a group
that can do something.

> a pretty trivial discussion, one that could be made easily during a meeting 
> without spewing all kinds of hate across the mailing lists.  I'm perfectly 
> fine with a cla_done membership having the power to vote.  Is that too high 
> of a bar to you?

I think the requirement should be membership in some (any) other group than
cla_done. This shows a bit more interest. It also requires manual approval
so that some prankster can't hose an election by creating a lot of dummy
accounts. (This would most likely be detected, but would still be a
significant annoyance to have to clean up after.) I think this category
would include all of the people that people have been concerned about in
this discussion.

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