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Re: Fedora Core Merge Reviews

Christopher Aillon wrote:

> Brian Pepple wrote:
>> Hi,
>> One of the items still left to do with regard to the recent merging of
>> Core & Extras is the reviews on packages that previously were in Core.
>> FESCo has been trying to determine what type of goal we should set for
>> completion by F8 test 2.  Most of us felt that it wasn't a reasonable
>> goal to finish them all by that time, since there are more that 700
>> still needing to be completed.
>> I'm looking for suggestions from the community on what you think is a
>> reasonable number or percentage of reviews to complete by F8t2.
> This depends on whether Red Hat can do reviews of these packages.  Many
> of us are under the assumption that since the packages came from Red
> Hat, we ought to let the community review them.

As long as reviewer != pkg-owner, tis ok.

-- Rex

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