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Re: F7 && Firewire?

2007/6/26, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org>:
Chris Weyl wrote:
> Hey all--
> I'm thinking about upgrading my main workstation to F7; however I I
> haven't been following things very closely for the last couple weeks.
> Are there still issues that would reasonably preclude my upgrading?
> (Not being able to burn DVD's or use my iPod counts :))
> Thanks-

I heard some grumbling in a couple posts about firewire in the forums.
Why don't you check it out first using the Live images?


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I don't know if there is some news about this, but the the new
firewire (juju stack) in Fedora 7 lacks support of eth1394 at this
time (I'm concerned as i would like to uses it). If ever there is some
patches i could provides feedback...

Also, only libdc1394-2 (alpha/beta state - currently in review) seems
to be supported but lot of applications still uses libdc1394(-1)
(submitted as a review by me), which will not work with the new juju
stack unless a backported patch is provided....

Others components ares supposed to work well (you should test them
indeed - and report bug if they is).

Nicolas (kwizart)

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