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Re: Inconsistent package tags

On Tuesday 26 June 2007 10:22:33 Brandon Holbrook wrote:
> Couldn't we tag all packages built *from this point on* with f8?  New
> builds have to bump the EVR anyway, so 2.f8 is still greater than
> 1.fc7.  The whole "f8 is rpm-less than fc7" argument is only valid if
> you assume no other changes to a package's EVR when being rebuilt, but
> AFAIK there's never been a package rebuilt in fedoraland where the
> disttag was the only thing that was bumped.  Granted, that means there
> would be a mix of 'fc' and 'f' packages, but that's no more tacky than
> our current fc6+fc7 mix.

Many cases the same version-release were built on multiple branches.  
frobitz-1.2 comes out and we want to release it across all of Fedora.  
Therefor we can have frobitz-1.2-1%{dist} on each branch and it will 
automagically calculate to 


Now, if we used your suggestion and made it just f8, suddenly the 
frobitz-1.2-1.f8 version is /lower/ than the frobitz-1.2-1.fc7 version.  
Broken upgrade path.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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