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Re: Inconsistent package tags

Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 June 2007 10:22:33 Brandon Holbrook wrote:
>> Couldn't we tag all packages built *from this point on* with f8?  New
>> builds have to bump the EVR anyway, so 2.f8 is still greater than
>> 1.fc7.  The whole "f8 is rpm-less than fc7" argument is only valid if
>> you assume no other changes to a package's EVR when being rebuilt, but
>> AFAIK there's never been a package rebuilt in fedoraland where the
>> disttag was the only thing that was bumped.  Granted, that means there
>> would be a mix of 'fc' and 'f' packages, but that's no more tacky than
>> our current fc6+fc7 mix.
> Many cases the same version-release were built on multiple branches.  
> frobitz-1.2 comes out and we want to release it across all of Fedora.  
> Therefor we can have frobitz-1.2-1%{dist} on each branch and it will 
> automagically calculate to 
> frobitz-1.2-1.fc6
> frobitz-1.2-1.fc7
> frobitz-1.2-1.fc8
> Now, if we used your suggestion and made it just f8, suddenly the 
> frobitz-1.2-1.f8 version is /lower/ than the frobitz-1.2-1.fc7 version.  
> Broken upgrade path.

I'm sure I'm saying something stupid, but isn't an upgrade path like that
 1) "unlikely" to happen while packages get updated every now and then,
	and thus will have a complete upgrade path at some point, while
	1.2-1.fc7 is installed on a machine that gets update 1.2-2.f8
 2) not used by anaconda upgrade -i'm not sure about this one ;-)
 3) used only by the not-recommended yum upgrade -again, the "only" part
	I'm not sure about
 4) completely unnecessary while both .fc7 and f8 programs have the same
	version number, source and are built with the same spec
 5) easily fixed by bumping the release number for the 'later' package
 6) happening regularly with like dev/udev, libata, stuff like that?

I'm sure I'm missing something that prevents 'f8' being the dist-tag,
I'm no release engineer after all. These are just things that come to my

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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