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FC6 -> F7 (90%) success story

Two days ago I've upgraded FC6 to F7 using yum.
The whole process went smoothly - far better than previous one (from FC5 to 
FC6). No conflicts, "dependency hell" or sth. like that.
Just "yum update" and _almost_ everything works OK.

Finally, thanks to new 'intel' xorg driver, I don't have to use 915resolution 
hack to get native resolution (1680x1050) - very nice!

One thing that doesn't work is iwl3945 module.
No wireless-led, no possibility to turn on the radio (with [Fn]+[F2] as well 
as with echo 0 > /sys/*/rf_kill).
This issue is 240116 bugzilla I think.
So as for now I'm stuck with atrpm's ipw3945 driver (with regulatory daemon) 
which eventually is not as bad ;)

Another small "issue" is that new kde has changed some of preferences (session 
management, toolbar applets settings, etc.) - but it took me 5 minutes to 
restore them.

thanks all of You for new Fedora, it rocks!


my hardware:
* Dell Inspiron E1505 (aka 6400) laptop
* CPU: Centrino Duo T2400
* chipset: ICH7
* GFX: 945GM
* SND: Intel HDA (STAC92xx Analog)
* wireless: 3945ABG

Jaroslaw Gorny

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