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Re: A few questions on CVS content

On Tue, 26 Jun 2007 18:57:25 +0200
Christian Iseli licr org (Christian Iseli) wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I have 3 questions/requests:
> 1. could a CVS admin please remove the
> isorelax-0-0.1.release20050331.1jpp.1.src.rpm directory ?
> It's certainly a mistake...

Yeah. It's gone now. 
> 2. What is the status of the postgis package ?  It has no entry in
> owners.list, and has not been built for Fedora 7.  The last ChangeLog
> is from Devrim GUNDUZ on Wed Jan 3 2007...

Fixed now. 

> 3. What is the status of the tdma package ?  It seems to be an EL-only
> package, and has no owners.list entry either...  I didn't know we had
> EL-only packages...

It has a devel branch as well. 
Will try and track down whats going on there... 

> Bonus question: what should we do in the devel directory of OLPC-only
> packages ?  Put some kind of non-fedora.package file, similarly to the
> dead.package file, to avoid branching when new fedora releases are
> created ?

Good question. Not sure what the answer is, so I guess I lose the bonus
round. ;) 

> Cheers,
> 					C


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