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Re: Mock - how do I install my own RPMs on top of what's in Fedora?

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> Basic question about mock:
> I want to test build ocaml-findlib[1] using mock.  However this
> build-requires ocaml>= 3.10.0 which has been packaged[2] but isn't
> in Fedora.  So (I'm guessing) I want to do the mock chroot thing,
> get the Fedora packages required, then install one or more of my own
> RPMs, then do the test build.
> How can I do this?

One way to do this is to edit the mock config file for the target
dist.  In the yum.conf section, create a new repo (or override the
local one).  For example, I've added this in some of my configs:


Then, put your ocaml packages in /path/to/repo and run createrepo on
that dir to create the metadata that yum needs.  Now when you call
mock it will look in your scratch repo as well as the standard ones
and it should use your updated ocaml packages.

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