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Re: XULRunner - will be or won't be?

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Matthias Clasen wrote:

I see that John asked for feedback 2 days ago, I don't see a single
reponse to that - do you really think that is sufficient discussion to
ratify this tomorrow ?!

John send the mail and the meeting agenda for FESCo has the item listed again which provides alteast two different opportunities for folks to provide any feedback necessary.

I send feedback via the wiki as asked in the earlier mail. Policies and guidelines are living documents and can (or will) be updated based on feedback if there is any even after they are ratified. Additional discussions can happen at any point of time. I was merely pointing out that feedback was indeed asked.

That makes no sense. Are you seriously telling me that you ratify changes that may be sub-par with the intent that they can be changed? What is the point of voting then? Just let any old change through and fix it later.

Sounds like you need to revise your ratification process (or lack thereof) before people should feel comfortable following anything that gets "voted" on.

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