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Re: portage vs yum

On Wed, Jun 27, 2007 at 09:21:11PM +0000, Thufir wrote:
> I mean this really as food for thought for you guys.  FC6 and Fedora 7 
> greatly improved in terms of the ease of use of yum.  However, there's a 
> FC6 yum repo and a Fedora 7 repo.  Why?  That seems like completely 
> unnecessary duplication which wouldn't occur in a build-from-source 
> package manager.  As a user, I hesitate to upgrade because of the lag as 
> third party repos slowly catch up to Fedora versions.

Whether the spec file should be different on F6 or F7 is left to the
packager. I guess portage also knows about releases.

It is also possible that Gentoo is slower to change things in the
packaging practices, while in fedora things change rapidly, and this
would be in line with gentoo packaging being minor. Once again the
difference lie more in the distro scope and target than in the 
packaging system used. If you come with a rpm based distro with a gentoo
like packaging (meaning no split, no integration) then all you say above
will still be relevant. So rpm vs portage is not the issue here.


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