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Re: portage vs yum

Dnia 27-06-2007, śro o godzinie 17:30 -0400, seth vidal napisał(a):
> It doesn't notify you that it is 'updating for dependencies'?  Can you
> give me a test case so I can look at it?
I was talking about upgrading a library and breaking dependencies.
Kevin's right, though, it's fixed in 3.2.1, I haven't upgraded my
Rawhide for few days now, so I stand corrected.

An open question: is there a way to make yum update my rawhide, when
there are broken dependencies in the repos? Apt gives me "upgrade" which
upgrades only packages that can be upgraded, leaving out a small subset
of packages with broken interdependencies. Apt also gives me
"dist-upgrade", which removes packages that would otherwise keep others
from upgrading, depending on older versions. Not to mention apt-shell,
where I can decide on a per-package basis. Yum, OTOH, simply refuses to
upgrade at all, spitting some depsolving errors. Going for "yum install
<list of 100 packages>" isn't an option, you know :)


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