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Re: portage vs yum

ons, 27 06 2007 kl. 06:14 +0000, skrev Thufir:

> Please switch to something like portage, which builds from source.  This 
> would eliminate, or at least, significantly reduce, the need for me to do 
> things like build lshw from source because, and correct me if I'm wrong, 
> it'd be easier to leave "in" and would require less maintenance.

That is the single least QA friendly thing I've ever heard uttered. By
not just allowing but encouraging users to mix and match compiler and
linker settings you make it entirely impossible to do proper QA on the
software as things stand. We need a fixed point of reference to do our

As someone with a lengthy past in the Gentoo world I will be happy to
provide you a list of the kinds of bug reports that would cause but
let's not embarrass anyone with the horror stories.

If such a model was ever adopted in Fedora I would be the first to leave
as it would make my continued contribution to the project impossibly
hard, it's tough enough to keep up with the small area I have to do
testing on already as it is.

- David Nielsen

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