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Re: Fedora 8's FUDCon

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
On 28.06.2007 11:10, Hans de Goede wrote:
Jesse Keating wrote:
On Wednesday 27 June 2007 22:27:19 Scott Berry wrote:

Where would I find the list of suggestions for F8.  I would be interested
in reading what you have planned so far.

FYI: I've been running a single man (sofar) attempt to get internet / easy access keys to work out of the box with F-8, not sure if this counts as a feature, see:

I can create a wiki page for this if you want.

/me is confused

What about those pages:	

I didn't know about those pages, it seems that our efforts pretty much overlaps, I do believe however that filing this under laptop is (very) wrong, as many normal keyboards also have extra keys.

And how is your project related to that effort and what Florian wrote in

What Florian wrote there, can be summarized as: "I agree", we seem to both be thinking very much in the same direction.

I've send him the mail address of Stanislav Brabec in private, as he wanted to coordinate his efforts with Stanislav's .



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