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Re: rpms/revisor/F-7 revisor.spec,1.7,1.8 sources,1.8,1.9

On Thu, 28 Jun 2007 12:04:27 -0400, Jeroen van Meeuwen (kanarip) wrote:

> Author: kanarip
> Update of /cvs/pkgs/rpms/revisor/F-7
> In directory cvs-int.fedora.redhat.com:/tmp/cvs-serv10220/F-7
> Modified Files:
> 	revisor.spec sources 
> Log Message:

> -BuildArch: noarch
> +BuildArch: noarch ppc ppc64

You seem to be confused about why your "%ifnarch" usage in the spec
doesn't work. It is because you build "noarch", where the arch doesn't
matter. It is an arch-independent build. Unless the compose tool is
broken, it would still ship the noarch build for ppc/ppc64. 
Apparently, you now want to hack the buildarch parameter and create
multiple builds of the package: noarch with Requires livecd-tools, and
arch-specific ppc/ppc64 without Requires livecd-tools.

This is something that has been a topic before. A "noarch" package
which depends on arch-specific packages, which are not available for
all arches, cannot really be noarch or should use ExcludeArch properly
(which is another ugly hack). The only alternative with current RPM is
to not build "noarch". Then you can get your ifarch/ifnarch to work.

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