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Doing away with 'groups' repo in mock

Currently mock configs make use of a 'groups' repo to provide 
a 'buildsys-build' meta-package.  This meta-package has a set of Requires: 
that are used to create the 'minimal buildroot' mock uses to start builds.  
This repo also provides a 'buildsys-macros' package.  Historically this 
package would define things like the %dist tag and post-build actions.

Today, in rawhide, fedora-release provides the %dist like macro definitions.  
The post-build definition can be moved to redhat-rpm-config as well.  This 
would obviate the need for buildsys-macros.  That would just leave the 
meta-package to populate the buildroot.

Since mock supports installing a group rather than a (meta)package, I propose 
we define the buildsys-build group in the comps group directly.  This would 
obviate the need for a single point of failure within mock building, 
the 'groups' repo.

Here is the change I would make to comps:

diff -u -r1.28 comps-f8.xml.in
--- comps-f8.xml.in     27 Jun 2007 20:47:51 -0000      1.28
+++ comps-f8.xml.in     28 Jun 2007 17:27:19 -0000
@@ -486,6 +486,33 @@
+    <id>buildsys-build</id>
+    <_name>Buildsystem building group</_name>
+    <_description/>
+    <default>false</default>
+    <uservisible>false</uservisible>
+    <packagelist>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">bash</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">bzip2</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">coreutils</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">cpio</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">diffutils</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">fedora-release</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">gcc</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">gcc-c++</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">gzip</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">make</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">patch</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">perl</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">redhat-rpm-config</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">rpm-build</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">sed</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">tar</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">unzip</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">which</packagereq>
+    </packagelist>
+  </group>
+  <group>
     <_name>Bulgarian Support</_name>

The comps change can be made at any time, however changes to mock need to be 
coordinated with the maintainer for redhat-rpm-config.  I'd also like to 
move /usr/lib/rpm/check-buildroot out of rpmdevtools and into one of the 
packages already being pulled into the buildroot (redhat-rpm-config perhaps, 
since it will be referencing it?), and thus we'll need to coordinate with the 
rpmdevtools maintainer.

We wouldn't be doing away with mock's ability to just use a meta-package to 
populate the root, so those that want to alter what goes into the buildroot 
can (just like before) build your own buildsys-build package and host it for 
your mock, or define your own comps grouping, etc...  

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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