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Re: XULRunner - will be or won't be?

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
This is not a big enough change to warrant that IMO though. It won't be any more newsworthy than any other firefox release. It will be done sooner rather than later. Probably by next week, although having to send my status updates on a tiny project like this isn't helping me get it done faster.

This goes to the heart of the problem. You don't consider the changes important but it is. Firefox related changes are BIG news.

Please stop misinterpreting things. I never said it was not important. I am saying that it is not any more important than going from to It will require an equivalent amount of work: this is essentially just a version upgrade.

Almost all the upstreams I know that care about this have already been supporting XULrunner for well over a year now, and Novell has shipped an alpha version in their experimental branches, and Gentoo and I think Ubuntu has shipped it, and believe it or not, upstream has been rather good about helping projects work with XULRunner. It's finally in a state where I'm ready to say it will cause little damage and that is why it is going into Fedora now.

How many times were we asked when Firefox 2 was going to be in Fedora Core 6? I must have answered it atleast half a dozen times. So many that I had to write down a explanation on why and point users from several places to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Firefox2.

And how many complaints have we had about metacity not doing enough to suit people's uber configuration needs? Or about someone not liking a theme or artwork? People will always find something to complain about but I'm glad that I was at least able to help fulfill your wiki page writing desires.

So fine. You win. Please put up a wiki page that says that XULRunner will be included in the next week or so. My real deadline is July 12, which is the day before I leave for GUADEC but I expect it sooner. That's really all I have to say about it right now and I'd rather spend time doing the work than writing up about it or wasting another second on this thread.

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