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Re: Doing away with 'groups' repo in mock

On Thursday 28 June 2007 15:15:27 Jeffrey C. Ollie wrote:
> ISTR that we were populating the mock buildroot by installing a
> comps.xml group before, and then we switched to a meta-package[1].  In
> fact, you (Jesse) were in favor of the idea[2].  What's changed in the
> last year that you'd like to go *back* to using comps.xml and
> groupinstall?

I'm pretty sure that around this time comps format was changing, and it had to 
be managed outside the Fedora comps.  Now I'm talking about doing it within 
Fedora comps so that most users don't have to mess with it at all, and things 
like yum are much more stable with comps.  We can't introduce comps changes 
that yum can't cope with (which may mean bumping yum, but that's fine)

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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